How many lira will the holiday prices be this summer?

According to a report in Hurriyet Newspaper from John Cosan, international travels, although restricted because of coronaviruses, such as Turkey, countries of great importance that tourism revenues continues to wade working to attract foreign tourists. However, it is noted that it is very difficult for the number of foreign tourists to catch up with the pre-epidemic for all tourism countries. At this point, for the survival of the hotels and the tourism sector, ‘local tourist’ is of great importance compared to previous years. Travel agencies, tour operators and hotels also organize campaigns to get more shares from local tourists. Although the prices for hotel holidays have increased compared to previous years, early booking campaigns offer a certain amount of discounts in prices.


Cosan and his team explored the domestic tourists around the hotel prices in Turkey for the month of July, which they like to do more vacation. The budget that 2 people should allocate for a hotel holiday between 7-13 July varies according to the region and the quality of the hotel. While some hotels offer all-inclusive services, some hotels set prices only on the room. The options are not limited to these. There are also hotels that offer bed and breakfast, half board or full board service.

For example, if 2 people want to take a holiday for 6 nights and 7 days in Antalya between July 7 and 13, the budget they should allocate starts from 600 TL and goes up to 70 thousand TL. A similar situation prevails in Bodrum, which is the favorite of Turkish holidaymakers, the minimum fee to be paid for a holiday in Bodrum between these dates starts from 1100 TL. In order to have a holiday in one of the most expensive hotels in Bodrum, approximately 90 thousand TL must be paid.



First, Turkey’s best-luxurious home to the hotel has been viewed hotels in Belek .. here if you want to get all-inclusive service in a very posh hotel prices 10 thousand TL starts, it goes up top 45 thousand TL. If you want to stay in more luxurious rooms in these hotels, we can say that the prices exceed 70 thousand TL. In hotels that offer all-inclusive service, the quality and location are effective in determining the prices. As with all-inclusive hotels for 3 thousand TL, it is also possible to find hotels at the level of 7-8 thousand TL. For those who want more reasonable prices, there are alternatives in Belek. ‘Let it not be all inclusive. If you say a room to stay is enough for me, the price of a room starts from 1000 TL.


Manavgat hotels, another holiday region of Antalya, are slightly more affordable than the hotels in Belek. Here, the highest price for a holiday in an all-inclusive luxury hotel is around 22 thousand TL. There are also hotels in the same region with prices between 10-13 thousand TL. If you are looking for a more affordable hotel, you can also choose hotels that work as half board, full board or bed and breakfast. In this type of hotel, the price you have to pay for a one-week vacation varies between 1,200 and 4,500 TL.


Antalya is among the destinations frequently preferred by holidaymakers in Alanya. Prices in this region start from 600 TL and go up to 20 thousand TL. Features such as hotel rooms with sea views, as in all hotels, cause the prices to change. If you are planning a holiday in Alanya in a hotel with average standards. The fee you have to pay for 2 people between 7-13 July varies between 8 thousand TL and 12 thousand TL. Even if you want a bed and breakfast or just a room, the prices range from 600 TL to 2 thousand TL.


Antalya Kemer also has hotel options suitable for various budgets. It is possible to find a hotel for 1.600 TL or 70 thousand TL. While 2 thousand TL is required for a 1-week holiday in the apartments serving bed and breakfast, the price of a 1-week holiday in ultra-luxurious hotels can exceed 70 thousand TL.


Our first stop in Muğla is Bodrum. Average prices in Bodrum, one of the favorite holiday destinations of local and foreign tourists, range from 15 thousand TL to 30 thousand TL. It is possible to have a holiday in Bodrum under these prices. Just like in Antalya, two people can have a holiday in Bodrum between 1,100 TL and 3,000 TL. Most of the hotels at these prices offer bed and breakfast or room only options. If you have a very luxurious holiday idea in Bodrum, the fee you have to pay is up to 90 thousand TL. In other hotels that offer high standards of service, we come across prices between 45 thousand TL and 55 thousand TL. It is worth mentioning that some high-priced hotels do not offer all-inclusive services, and food and beverages are charged separately.


Finally, we look at the prices of the hotels in İzmir Çeşme. Most of the hotels in the region serve as either bed and breakfast or half-full board. If you want to stay in a hotel with high standards in the region, you have to sacrifice 20-27 thousand TL. Average prices at other hotels in the region vary between 7 thousand TL and 12 thousand TL. If you are looking for cheaper options, it is possible to stay in a hotel or apartment with prices starting from 700 TL.


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