Historical İnebolu Houses wore white wedding gown

The roofs of Inebolu houses are covered with local slate (marla) stone. The exteriors of the buildings were painted with ocher and thus an eye-catching beauty was achieved with colors such as blue and white, especially red.

In the difference of the layout, which arises because the houses are generally built on steep slopes, the front facades appear two-storey, while the rear facades show the original height of the mansions, four floors. Due to the haremlik selamlık application, which is the main building in the mansions, the upper floors are reached by double stairs, and the floors are built independently of each other in an apart style to meet the needs. It is possible to see this type of building along the Black Sea coast in settlements such as Abana, Ilişi, Bozkurt and Çatalzeytin, apart from Inebolu.

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