Historical ‘Double Bridges’ in the heart of nature await its visitors in Artvin

Historical 'Double Bridges' in the heart of nature await its visitors in Artvin

The historical “Double Bridges”, which complement each other in the Arhavi district of Artvin and are full circles, attract attention with their images reflecting the Ottoman architectural stonework.

In the Arhavi district of Artvin, “Double Bridges”, one of the most beautiful examples of Ottoman architectural stonework, are among the frequent destinations of those who visit the district with its magnificent appearance that defies centuries.
The bridges, which are positioned to complement each other over the Kamilat and Soğucak streams in the Ortacalar region of the district, were built in the 18th century in the form of Ottoman architecture with rubble and cut stones.
The historical “Double Bridges”, which complete each other and have the feature of a full circle, attract attention from tourists every season as a tourism destination where nature and culture are integrated. The Double Bridges, which were restored and brought to tourism by the General Directorate of Highways in 2003, are among the most important cultural structures of the city.
Meryem Turan, who came from Kastamonu, said that she was amazed by the Double Bridges she saw for the first time. Expressing that he likes to spend time in nature, Turan stated that they prefer such places for a safer holiday by staying away from the crowds during the Covid-19 epidemic. “The forest and greenery are very beautiful. The sound of the water relaxes people. History and nature are intertwined. It is impossible not to come to Artvin and not see the historical Double Bridges. I came for the first time, but I hope we will come again,” he said.
Burçin Açıkgöz explained that she has been living in Hopa for a year due to her job and that she saw the Double Bridges for the first time. Expressing that he could not find the opportunity to travel much due to the epidemic, Açıkgöz said, “This is a wonderful place. The beauty of nature is almost fascinated. I fell in love.” Açıkgöz also asked visitors to the region to protect this nature, which is intertwined with history.
Dilan Şahinbaş, who is engaged in photography in Artvin, said that she came to Double Bridges to photograph history that is integrated with nature. Advising everyone to come to Artvin to see the Double Bridges, Şahinbaş said, “It is a place to visit in all four seasons. There are two stone bridges built during the Ottoman period here. Many local tourists have come here since we arrived. Artvin has very beautiful places. Double Bridges is one of them.” spoke.

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