His life became a documentary, he received an award! ‘Robinson Nine’ has lived here alone for 37 years

Its director, Orhan Tekelioğlu, said, “The documentary tells the story of exclusion and loneliness that started when Kayacı, who is 90 years old, was held responsible for the death of his nephew, Ali Haydar Kayacı, who had epilepsy, who lived with him in the 1980s, by falling into a fire.

Kayacı, who has been living in an environment at an altitude of 2000 meters for years, has completely transformed his place into a forest area. For this reason, she was chosen as the woman of the year. We are very happy that our documentary about Fatma Kayacı, who has such an interesting story, was deemed worthy of an award at the NuoviMondi Festival, a mountain documentaries film festival in Italy.”

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