His father left it to the Taurus Mountains at the age of 6, he became a ‘natural hero’

His father left it to the Taurus Mountains at the age of 6, he became a 'natural hero'

Hasan Hüseyin Kahriman (46), who lives in Balcılar District of Konya’s Taşkent district, was left to the Taurus Mountains when he was 6 years old by his father, who suffered from schizophrenia. Kahriman, who has become accustomed to the natural environment in time, now reaches the peaks even in winter conditions and spends a few days. Stating that he lived in the wild for 9 years, Kahriman said, “I fed my stomach by eating the grass that animals ate. I learned to hunt and watch the wolves. I stopped hunting when I saved the life of a snake. I was not angry with my father for leaving me on the mountain. My father was badly hurt by people. “I think he left me on the mountain to protect me from people,” he said.

Hasan Hüseyin Kahriman, married and father of one child, living in Balcılar District of Taşkent district of Konya, was left to the Taurus Mountains when he was 6 years old by his father, who suffered from schizophrenia, in order to ‘have courage’
Kahriman, who lived alone in the mountains for 9 years, survived by watching wildlife animals and eating the plants they ate. Learning how to hunt by observing wolves, Kahriman lived with animals for years.
Kahriman, who has become accustomed to the natural environment in time, now reaches the peaks even in winter conditions and spends a few days. Kahriman builds a hut out of trees just like in his childhood.
Explaining that his father left him in the Taurus Mountains, 10 kilometers away from Balcılar District, Hasan Hüseyin Kahriman said: “When I was 6 years old, my father took me 10 kilometers away from our village. He said, ‘My son, you will sleep here today.’ Why? ‘ I said. He said, “You will be a brave boy in the future. Don’t the monsters attack me?” I said, “My son, no one can harm a person but a person,” he said, and then he left me. I did not think of any fear. I remembered what my father said. I saw white flowers and I had the joy of collecting them. When I was in the village, I thought that the world is as big as I can see. The first night I spent on the mountain, I did not think of any fear. A mouse came and went by me. When the night started to rain, I went under a nylon next to me, I just slept. In the morning, my father came, he was happy to see me. Then he always left me to the mountains. and we had chickens, I lived with them all the time. He wouldn’t let me get close to the children, and when he got close he would beat me. I had two friends, a dog and a donkey. I spent my time with them.
Saying that he learned tactics to survive by watching the animals when he started to live on the mountain, Kahriman said, “I realized that I can live in the mountains now, I ate the grass that the animals eat. I learned hunting tactics by watching the wolves. After learning how to hunt, I did not return from the mountains to the village again. I made a mirror for myself from a stone called gypsum mine. I lived alone on the mountain for 9 years. I have always been away from people. I love this life. I forget my sadness when I am in nature. I always get happy. In life, people lie, cheat. But in nature it is such a thing. “There is no such thing in wild animals. Everyone is afraid of bears and pigs. I can live with them in a friendly way,” he said.
Hasan Hüseyin Kahriman, who stopped hunting after saving the life of a snake, said, “After I went to the military and came to the army, I got married, I also had a son. Then I got colder from hunting. In the past, we did not have money, we did not have scales, we could not buy meat. But now the period has changed, there was no need for hunting. A snake entered the pool. My son noticed it, scared, called me. When I went to kill, I witnessed the snake’s effort to survive. Then I decided to save him. I rescued the snake with the stick I brought with me to kill him. I took out the water he swallowed. The snake came to his senses and returned to nature. At that moment I thought. I hunted so much and killed animals. It was not as enjoyable as saving the life of a snake. There are things to do in nature more enjoyable than hunting, “he said.
Saying that he developed many projects for the lives of animals, Hasan Hüseyin Kahriman said, “When I was living on the mountain, I witnessed that the birds could not find food and died when the blizzard and the storm broke out. Then I fed them by placing apples on the dry tree branches to keep them alive. Birds I have never seen came and fed those apples. . It is now Turkey’s began to supply in many parts of the bird of my people who’ve done the same way. this made me very happy. in all the wildlife animals and humans balance. If these animals we have. We have varsak these animals. We should’ve had while living. this “A university that liked my application gave a crystal apple as a gift.”
Stating that he was not angry with his father for leaving him on the mountain, Kahriman said, “I am not angry at all that my father left me to nature at a young age. We did not know that my father had schizophrenia. My father was a person of another world. People were always deceiving my father. “I guess he left it to the mountain to live apart. Then we learned that my father was 86 percent schizophrenic.”
Hasan Hüseyin Kahriman, who found a 98-million-year-old fossil bed during a walk in the Geyik Mountains in 2018, said: “I was sharing the mountains I visited recently because I used the internet. I was reached by Prof. Dr. Sacit Özer from 9 Eylül University. He said let me know if you see things like fossils. When I went for a walk in the Geyik Mountains, I saw a fossil in a rock on the mountainside. I took a photograph and sent it. He told me to find the inhabited rock. I went to an altitude of 2,700. I found 98 million year old Rudist fossils together.
If Turkey’s oldest world, which is considered the second oldest tree two thousand years in Juniperus Foedissi types ‘corral Juniper’ that tree to volunteer watchman made in said Kahriman, “There is Turkey’s oldest monumental trees in this area. 2 a tree over a thousand years old . At the moment, there is no one other than me who protects or cleans this tree. I clean the garbage left by people there. I mow the dry grass under the tree because there is a danger of getting burned. I have preserved it until now. Recently a branch broke, I’m sorry, “he said.

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