‘Hidden paradise’ Artvin awaits its visitors with its unique nature

Expressing that there is a Coruh River in Artvin, Doruk continued his words as follows:

“Çoruh is a very different river. Artvin means Çoruh, Çoruh means Artvin. Now a dam phenomenon has emerged on the Çoruh River. Deep canyons, the water in nature add a separate touristic value to Artvin. Artvin is just a place where plateaus, Karagöller and waterfalls are visited. “It turns out to be a place where piers are built in the dam lakes on the Çoruh River, tourism destinations are created, and boat rides are made. Visitors who come to our city will be able to tour the natural wonders of the valleys by boat on the dam lakes while wandering around the Karagöller, plateaus and waterfalls.”

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