He’s following his dreams with his old car that he turned into a caravan

He's following his dreams with his old car that he turned into a caravan

The life of Hüseyin Akkaş, who lives in Antalya, in his 1998 model car, which he transformed into a caravan concept, and his travel tours attract attention on social media.

Akkaş, 30, who lives in Konyaaltı district and works as a sales representative in a company, started long journeys with his bicycle since the age of 18. Dreaming of staying in the nature of the places he saw, Akkaş bought a car for 24 thousand liras two years ago. Akkaş, who researched to turn this car into a comfortable living space due to his passion for travel, developed rational solutions for the use of the vehicle in the caravan concept.
Akkaş, who managed to place a kitchen and a refrigerator in the trunk of the car and installed a tent in the upper part, spent 16 thousand lira for these operations. Known as a “traveler” around him, Akkaş shares his travel moments on the social media accounts he opened on behalf of his car. Akkaş’s sightseeing route and accommodation also attract the attention of followers.
Huseyin Akkas, Turkey from an early age the idea of ​​the dream ride, a car is a 1998 model that he found the opportunity to realize turning the trailer. Explaining that he always broke the wheel for his new dreams due to his passion for travel, Akkaş stated that the trips he made with the vehicle he turned into a caravan also provided the opportunity to have an isolated vacation during the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic.
Expressing his happiness to combine his admiration for vintage cars with his passion for travel, Akkaş stated that the “caravankartal” account he opened on social media on behalf of his car was found entertaining by interested people. “I shared the road with photos and video blow my motivation to see the interest of the story,” said Akkas, that all historical and sightseeing in Antalya, Turkey, said that this year prepared for the tour.
Akkaş said, “An invisible bond was established between me and my car. It became like a family member. Sometimes it malfunctions and hurts me. I get angry, but I know that it immediately captivates. I really love my car. It is the flower of my two eyes. I am interested, “he said.
Describing his car as his “travel companion”, Akkaş added that he does not fear being late or worry about finding a place to stay while traveling from one place to another with the comfort of carrying his house on his vehicle.

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