He has been traveling every inch of Turkey for 13 years with his old model minibus that he has converted into a motorhome.

Explaining that he could not go to the Southeastern Anatolia Region, Yavuz stated that he would continue to travel as much as he could, including this geography.

Adding his first caravan, Yavuz emphasized that he has been traveling every inch of the country for over 14 years and said:

“I didn’t enter my house last year. This place is like a house, we have everything. From A to Z, from the hydrophore engine, I’m handmade. I believe that this is unique in Turkey right now because I do everything. Let them come and check it out.” “I cost 15-20 thousand liras for it back then. Now there are caravans for 300 thousand liras, 400-450 thousand liras. Besides them, of course, mine is a bit old-fashioned”

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