Hamurpet Lakes in Muş enchant those who see it with its nature

Hamurpet Lakes in Muş enchant those who see it with their nature

Hamurpet Lakes, which are frequented by thousands of people every year in Muş, fascinate visitors with their vegetation and natural scenery.

Large and small Hamurpet Lakes, located near Ünaldı village in Varto district of Muş, offer a visual feast with their natural wonder. The surroundings of the lakes, which are located in naturally formed craters at an altitude of 2,200 altitudes, create postcard images with bird chirps and colorful flowers.
The largest of the lakes, surrounded by steep cliffs on all four sides, is green with a depth of 21 meters, while the small lake is 47 meters deep and blue.
71-year-old Kemal Ballı, a resident of Ünaldı village, said that there were two lakes around the village and that the water of the small lake was filled from time to time and flowed into the large lake.
Noting that both of the lakes are volcanic lakes, Ballı said, “Both of the lakes are wonderlands. There are various plants, oak trees, poplar trees around. An amazing lake. There is no talk about her natural beauty. Outsiders and local people benefit from this water. These lakes have existed for as long as I can remember. The population of our village is 20-25 people in the winter and 100-150 in the summer, but if we count those who come to visit the lake from outside, it exceeds one thousand. There are citizens coming not only from our own province and district, but also from Erzurum, Diyarbakır, Bingöl, Elazığ, Van and Bitlis. Everyone who hears the lake comes to see it. People who come here both spend their days and immortalize that moment by having fun and taking pictures.”
One of the citizens who stated that there is a natural beauty around the lake, Cemaldüzer said, “There are flowers, fish, seagulls and ducks in the lake. Citizens come here to find peace on Saturday and Sunday. It attracts attention with the chirping of birds, the air of flowers and the beauty of nature. The lake is kind of our natural wonder,” he said.

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