Hakkari’s historical and natural beauties attract tourists

Hakkari's historical and natural beauties attract tourists

Hakkari, one of the important centers of nature tourism with its high-altitude mountains, historical buildings and undiscovered beauties, has recently hosted nature lovers and mountaineers from various countries as well as many cities.

Hakkari, which stands out with its rivers, lakes and waterfalls formed by snow waters, over 30 peaks above 3 thousand altitude, and highlands where four seasons are experienced at the same time, has become a popular destination for local and foreign tourists.
Nature lovers and photography enthusiasts who come to the city, where an atmosphere of peace and security has been established as a result of the successful operations of the security forces, have the opportunity to discover the unique beauties that have been hidden for years.
A group of nature lovers, including a family of 4 from Germany, went to the Berçelan Plateau, where all shades of green, colorful flowers and snow masses can be seen together.
Nature lovers, walking in the region and visiting the historical Konak Church, slid over the snow masses with bags, brewed tea over the fire and gathered flowers.
Jan Knorn, 44, who came from Germany with his family and took a trip, said that he and his wife had been working at a university in Berlin for 15 years and stopped working in 2018 to travel. Stating that they started traveling last year with their children, Knorn said: “We want to show our children a part of the world. I realized that this is the best way to travel, learn and teach. Turkey is a big and beautiful place. Therefore, we decided to stay longer. 8 We have been in Turkey for months. We will go further east via Iran. Hakkari is the most beautiful geography I’ve seen from Germany to here. I can say that Hakkari is the undiscovered Alps. we feel comfortable “
Ufuk Baba, who came from Malatya, stated that after his retirement, he lived in a caravan for 2.5 years and visited different parts of the country, mountains and plateaus. Explaining that he is planning to visit Hakkari this year, Baba said, “I see what an accurate decision I made by coming here. I have been here for 5 days. We walked a route every day, climbed the mountains. It has a geography unlike anywhere. I have friends. All of them aroused a curiosity. The hospitality of the people here really impressed me. I did not feel, saw or witness anything to be afraid of, shy away from here. Everyone should see, “

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