Great interest in Antalya’s world famous Kaputaş Beach! They flock to

Intense interest in Antalya's world-famous Kaputaş Beach!  They flock to

Kaputaj Beach, world-famous with its sand and turquoise color in Antalya’s Kaş district, has been flooded by local and foreign tourists with the normalization.

Famous for its golden sand and turquoise water, Kaputaş Beach, 20 kilometers from Antalya’s Kaş district, was flooded with visitors in the first days of normalization. KAPUTAS BEACH IS AMONG THE BEST IN THE WORLD
Tucked between the mountain and the sea, Kaputaş Beach becomes the focus of attention of thousands of local and foreign guests, with its green and blue colors together.
Visitors who park their vehicles by the roadside on the Kaş-Kalkan road, then descend 187 steps to reach the beach.
With the normalization that started during the Corona virus process, the famous beach was flooded by local and foreign tourists. Visitors did not neglect to take selfies both from the viewing points overlooking the beach and on the golden sands.
Corona virus measures are also at the forefront at the beach operated by Kaş Municipality. While there was information about the measures at the entrance of the beach, it was seen that the settlement on the beach was made by considering the social distance rule.
Expressing that she spent her holiday in Antalya, Duygu Salk said, “We know the beauty of Kaputaj Beach. We had intended a few times but could not come. There is a very hot weather, the first days of normalization. The color of the beach is very beautiful, it is already a famous place. The view is enough. The restrictions had hit us, now we feel like we’re breathing. Again, we will pay attention to the social distance and mask rule and we will make our holiday.
Stating that she came to her hometown Antalya from Bitlis, where she worked, Sinem Gül said, “My family lives in Antalya. I’ve been here for a week. Everyone should come to Antalya these days when normalization begins. We came to Kaputaj Beach today and it’s crowded. The water is very nice, even though I am from here, I came for the first time. It is a must-see place,” he said.

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