‘Girl with Cat’ runs her cat on her shoulder everywhere

'Girl with kitty' runs her cat on her shoulder everywhere

Midwife Özge Kübra Teymur (27), in the Arhavi district of Artvin, does not take her cat ‘Azman’, which she adopted when she was 2 months old, from her side for a moment and puts her on her shoulder. Teymur, who travels by bicycle with his cat, goes on mountain and plateau tours, is known as the ‘girl with a cat’ around him. Özge Kübra Teymur is planning to take her cat, whom she has not separated from her wedding party, to her honeymoon.

Özge Kübra Teymur, the midwife of Arhavi State Hospital, adopted the cat she bought for a few days when she was 2 months old. Özge Kübra Teymur, who took the cat named ‘Azman’ in her waist bag when she was a puppy, started to take it on her shoulder as the cat grew.
Teymur, who rides on a bicycle with a cat on his shoulder, goes on mountain and plateau tours and travels, does not take him away for a moment.
Özge Kübra, who entered the world house with Fırat Teymur, did not take her cat off her shoulder even at the wedding.
Özge Kübra, who looks at her cat with colorful clothes, is known as ‘the girl with a cat’ around her.
Özge Kübra Teymur stated that she left her cat only while going to work and said, “Azman had entered my life temporarily when I was a baby for 2 years, and then I could not leave. When I was a puppy, I walk it around in my waist bag, now it’s on the shoulder. “We go wherever we can go because we love to travel, too,” he said.
Explaining that her cat’s clothes attract a lot of attention, Özge Kübra Teymur said, “It is strange for people to be on the shoulder. My mother made most of her clothes, I made some of them. He said, “I dress your clothes according to me.”
Özge Kübra Teymur stated that they have plans for a honeymoon abroad now, “I do not think to leave Azman here, she will come with us. We had a cat at our wedding, of course. The wedding clerk was also a little anxious about the cat, but she was with us at every moment during the wedding. “They know me as” cat girl “. When I am invited to a place, they know that I will come with the cat, they invite me accordingly,” he said.
His wife Fırat Teymur said, “Before I met Özge, I did not like animals as much as he did. I started to love more after seeing my wife’s attention. Our travel plans, everything is based on the cat. We went to the mountains, camped, and our cat became a partner in every moment. When my wife goes to work, she comes to the shop with me, we never leave it alone. Azman adds color to our lives ”.

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