Giresun’s natural beauty awaits its visitors

Giresun's natural beauty awaits its visitors

Attracting attention with their natural beauty in Giresun, Çağlayan and Kuzalan waterfalls await their visitors during the gradual normalization period.

Located within the boundaries of the Çağlayan village of Giresun’s Şebinkarahisar district, Çağlayan Waterfall falls from the middle of the rocky area from about 50 meters. The waterfall, which comes alive with the effect of snow waters every year, especially in May, gives peace with its natural beauty and sound of water.
The waterfall in Kuzalan Nature Park in Dereli district flows into Aksu Creek from about 20 meters over Taşpınar Creek. Located on the Giresun-Şebinkarahisar highway, the Kuzalan Waterfall attracts the attention of passers-by.
Photography enthusiasts and nature lovers visit Çağlayan Waterfall in the spring months when the water flow is high. Kuzalan Waterfall, on the other hand, attracts great attention in the summer months due to its location.
Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Kemal Gürgenci said that the increase in the amount of water in the waterfalls with the revival of nature revealed very beautiful pictures. Stating that there are many waterfalls in Giresun due to the abundance of rivers, Gürgenci said, “There are many waterfalls in the center and districts where these beauties can be seen.
Gürgenci said that large and small waterfalls, which are encountered in many parts of Giresun, create beautiful images with their clear waters in nature. Stating that the waterfalls have a very important contribution to nature tourism in the city, Gürgenci said, “We think that the waterfalls will host tourists in this season by complying with the pandemic rules. The waterfalls will especially open and relax the visitors who have stayed in the houses due to the pandemic for two years.”
Şebinkarahisar Mayor Şahin Yılancı stated that the district, which stands out with its culture and history, also contains natural beauties. Stating that Çağlayan Waterfall stands out among these natural beauties, Yılancı said, “With the melting of the snow, it offers very beautiful visuals from the beginning of May. The view of the water flowing from a height of about 50 meters is really worth seeing. It has a different beauty, “he said.
Yılancı said that the waterfall, which was attracted by amateur and professional photographers, was silent during the corona virus (Covid-19) epidemic, and that they think that the interest of visitors to the waterfall will increase with gradual normalization.

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