German submarine from World War II to be brought into diving tourism in Kocaeli

Sedat Türkmen, the diving instructor of Denizyıldızları Sports Club, which conducts diving activities in the region, stated that they made the first contact with the submarine and took their images, and that this was a special pride for them.

Explaining that the only deformity in the submarine was the holes opened by the explosives used to sink it, everything else stopped, Türkmen said that diving plans were made here and they followed the developments.

Diving instructor Alper Korkmaz gave the following information about the planned diving activity to U23:

“With the support of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and Kandıra Municipality, this year we will offer the U23 shipwreck to the service of diving enthusiasts, but there will be some features we expect from our divers while providing this service. It is under 35 meters. We want diving experience because the place where we will dive is the Black Sea. The diving zone is 3 kilometers off the coast, we will make our boat transfer to the region.

Emphasizing that the wreck will make a great contribution to the development and tourism potential of the region, Korkmaz said, “It is very important that we protect and protect these wrecks.”

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