From Turkey to Russia ‘corona vaccine’ tour

The world is struggling with heart and soul to get rid of the corona virus. The epidemic has not been brought under control yet. It is stated that the most important weapon to achieve success in the fight against the epidemic is the vaccine. In this context, Sinovac, Pfizer-Biontech, Sputnik V and AstraZeneca vaccines stand out among the vaccines released to the market. Due to the insufficient number of vaccines, nearly 100 countries in the world have not yet reached the vaccine. When the size of the epidemic was large and access to the vaccine was difficult, ‘vaccine tourism’ was initiated for those who do not want to wait for the vaccine queue. Some tour operators from Turkey “vaccine tourism” has announced that it started to make.


Burak Coşan from Hürriyet newspaper contacted a tour operator who claimed to be doing ‘vaccine tourism’ as a customer and went to their offices in Istanbul and got information.

When asked about the conditions of the tour, the tour operator’s official said that they were a tour operator working with Russia before the epidemic, and that they also sold tours to other travel agencies organizing tours. He gave the following information about the ‘vaccine tourism’ organized in Russia: “If you buy the tour, we will charge you two air tickets. For example, if your first flight will be on April 15, your second flight ticket is set for May 6. On both departures, there is a 2-night stay in Moscow. Vaccinations are given as soon as you go to Moscow. Vaccinations are done in the clinic we have agreed there. The reason why we vaccinate as soon as it goes is to ensure that you spend at least 24 hours there … Thus, we ensure that in case of a side effect, intervention can be made. There is an assistant who speaks Russian with you. Afterwards, a trip to Moscow is made. We go to the Kremlin, take a metro tour, visit Nazım Hikmet’s burial place. “


Stating that it is a legal situation and that there is no illegal action, the official said, “The vaccination passport is not given, but they give an internationally valid vaccination card. The vaccine made is Russian Sputnik V, ”he said.


Speaking about the price of these transactions, the authorized person said, “If you have a green passport, you do not need to get a visa. If a visa is to be obtained, you will get a double entry visa because you will go to Russia twice. It costs 220 dollars. We make 4-star hotel accommodation in both tours. Flight tickets and two We demand 1.099 euros for a dose of Sputnik V vaccine, which is approximately 10 thousand TL. When the visa is added, the total cost you have to pay is approaching 12 thousand TL. In fact, this is a reasonable number. tour company official, “Everybody who goes to Russia cannot be vaccinated. We can get vaccinations because we have an agreement with a clinic there.”


While there are millions of people in the world who cannot be vaccinated, and when everyone in Russia has not yet reached the vaccine, when asked how such an application was made for those who came abroad, “There are vaccination centers even in shopping malls in Russia. There are vaccines other than Sputnik V. However, since they are foreign passengers, they offer the vaccine for a fee. There is no “The vaccine is not enough in their hands.” We do everything officially registered. We send your passport information to the clinic we have agreed upon before going to Russia. before that, we sent an Italian and a Jordanian. We have never had a problem with them. I went to get vaccinated 4 people so far from Turkey. However, demand began to increase. More the age of companies that want to make a vaccine which is great company directors apply to us. No vaccine they want to follow this method for their managers that don’t come to their turn, ”he said.


The manager of the tour company, who said that they have insurance for the passenger in case of health problems after being vaccinated, said, “We have insurance before we go there. If any situation occurs, you can receive treatment there with this insurance. “If you have a hospitalization situation, you will not be able to pay money to the hospital thanks to the insurance we have made.”

Noting that similar tours are organized for Dubai, the manager said, “We do not organize tours, but there are companies that do. However, it does not grant a visa to a single man. He is asked to go with his wife. We do not have any information about which vaccine was made there ”.

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