‘Four seasons’ tourism in Muğla

'Four seasons' tourism in Muğla

Muğla, where the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean meet, with its forests, natural and historical beauties, welcomes millions of local and foreign tourists every year.

Efforts to spread tourism to four seasons have gained momentum in order to bring the potential of Muğla to the forefront and to increase tourism income further, thus contributing to the economy of Muğla and the country. Due to its geographical location, Muğla has all-season tourism opportunities such as nature tourism, sports tourism, yacht tourism, thermal tourism, plateau tourism and winter tourism, apart from the sea, sand and sun triangle.
Muğla; In recent years, Babadağ Paragliding Track, Dalaman Rafting Area, Gökova Kitesurf area has made a name for itself in sports tourism with its areas suitable for many sports activities. It also hosts many national and international events such as the Yörük Türkmen Festivals, Oil Wrestling Festivals, The Bodrum Cup Sailing Race, and the World Rally Championship.
On the other hand, Muğla, which offers a healthy life with its mild climate, plenty of oxygen and low humidity, with at least 300 sunny days of the year, stands out with healthy and delicious local flavors prepared using natural products grown in its fertile and clean soil.
Expressing that Muğla attracts attention with its routes that can be visited in all seasons and alternative tourism options, Muğla Governor Orhan Tavlı said that Muğla attracts great attention not only in the country but also from abroad with its unique richness in the world.
Mentioning that they carry out R&D activities in cooperation with the public, university and private sector, Governor Orhan Tavlı said, “We are working with public institutions and sector representatives in order to assist archaeological excavations within the scope of cultural tourism studies and to ensure effective promotion of the historical and cultural assets of our city. We continue to cooperate with sector representatives in order to develop health tourism in our city. We know that our city has an important potential with alternative tourism opportunities such as history, culture, arts and sports tourism, and we aim to bring new values ​​to tourism with sustainable projects ”.

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