Foreigners’ entry ban extended in the Philippines

In the Philippines, which banned foreign nationals from entering the country against the Covid-19 epidemic, the government decided to extend the travel ban due to the inadequate reduction in the number of cases.

It has been reported that the duration of the application, which started on March 22 and is normally expected to end on April 21, will be extended until April 30.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque said today that the ban does not apply to foreign nationals who were granted entry exemptions by the State Department before March 22.


Within the scope of the practice implemented by the national task force fighting Covid-19 in the country, foreigners were banned from entering the country, diplomats, employees of medical services and cargo ships, and their spouses and children traveling with them were exempted from the application.

In the Philippines, the number of Covid-19 cases reached 914 thousand 971 and the number of deaths reached 15 thousand 794.

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