‘Floating Islands’ tourism in Tortum

'Floating Islands' tourism in Tortum

6 floating islands in Zökün Lake, Tortum district of Erzurum, will be brought into tourism. Work has begun to build a complex facility for those who will visit the floating islands.

Work has been initiated to bring the floating islands in Zökün Lake, 55 kilometers from Erzurum city center and 5 kilometers from Tortum district, to tourism.
With the cooperation of Erzurum Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality, Tortum District Governorship and Tortum Municipality, it is aimed to bring the floating islands to the country and city tourism. While the road to the floating islands is being arranged, a restaurant, viewing terrace, children’s playgrounds, walking paths and landscaping will be made in the region with the prepared project.
Thanks to the facility to be established within the scope of the project, a social area will be provided to local and foreign tourists, where they can see the floating islands, meet their daily needs and spend time with pleasure. Local producers will be prioritized for the purchase of products to be sold in the restaurant, thus contributing to the economy of the region and promoting local products.
Northeastern Anatolia Development Agency (KUDAKA) will also support the project prepared to bring floating islands to tourism. KUDAKA Secretary General Oktay Güven stated that they signed the protocol of the ‘Tortum Floating Islands Bringing in Tourism’ project, which is supported within the scope of the ‘Infrastructure Program for Enhancing the Sectoral Competitiveness’ and will be implemented by the Tortum Municipality. Adalar Tortum is located in Zökün Lake, which is about 5 kilometers away from our district center and 55 kilometers from Erzurum center. “We will both bring our natural beauty to tourism and we will contribute to the increase of the income of our citizens with the tourism dynamism to be provided.” Güven stated that the work, which is planned to be completed within a year, will cost 4.5 million lira.

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