Fairy chimneys destroyed by spray paint are cleaned in Cappadocia

Provincial Director of Culture and Tourism Şükrü Dursun reminded that the natural assets in Araplı area were damaged by spray paints, “These writings damage our natural assets as well as visually creating ugliness. These articles will be cleaned with our experts from Nevsehir Restoration and Conservation Regional Laboratory Directorate. These natural assets are among the important values ​​of our country. We need to protect not only natural assets, but also our cultural assets. Spray paints cause great damage to such artifacts. I want to say that we should be more sensitive about these issues. Of course, we will protect these places to prevent damage. “We will take various measures, but I think we should protect them together. Please, do not intervene with spray paints or in other ways, because they cause serious damage to these works.”

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