Enjoying swimming at an altitude of 3,500 in Hakkari – Last Minute Hakkari News | NTV News

The members of Yüksekova Ecology Mountaineering and Sports Club Association, operating in Yüksekova district of Hakkari, continue to introduce Hakkari city center and its districts by visiting them every week.

A group of 20 people led by the guide İskender Kahraman, Cilo Mountains After trekking in the foothills, at an altitude of 3,500 Caravan LakeHe enjoyed the day by swimming.

Expressing their admiration for Kervan Lake, Mountaineering Guide İskender Kahraman said, “Today, we visited some points of the Cilo Mountains with a group of 20 people and came to Kervan Lake, which is the natural wonder of the region. As you can see it has a magnificent view. With the extremely hot weather today, we entered Kervan Lake and swam to the fullest. Wherever you go, Cilo Mountains is a region full of tremendous beauties. This is a place everyone should see. We enjoyed the day by entering Kervan Lake. We invite nature lovers to our region.”

Suat Öztekin, President of Yüksekova Ecology Mountaineering and Sports Club Association, stated that they carry out nature walks to promote every region of Yüksekova and said, “After the nature walk we started in the morning, we went out to the lakes at an altitude of 3,500 at noon. We went to Kervan Lake, which impresses with its magnificent view among the lakes, and swam to the fullest with friends. We ask the authorities to open this place especially to tourism.

I would like to state that our location is equivalent to the unique beauties of countries such as Sweden and Norway in Europe. That’s why we want this place to be opened to tourism immediately. Here we are calling the authorities. Yüksekova should be a tourism center and this is our announcement to nature lovers, please do not throw your garbage into nature.

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