Drought marks in Salda Lake (in danger of drying out)

Saying that there are also positive things about Salda Lake, Cevni continued his words as follows:

“The Directorate of Environment and Urbanization made an announcement about the use of the beach and the prohibition of entering the lake in the White Islands section. We see this positively. At the same time, a joint study is carried out by the Burdur Governorship and the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Although we do not have much information about the content of the visitor potential, such a study is in question. We hope it will be a very productive study, I think the determinations will be made properly and properly, because the lake has a potential to bear a certain human burden. We are a stagnant, closed basin lake that does not have much outside nutrition, so it is not a lake that can easily eliminate a chemical pollution. Therefore, the most important thing we can do is not pollute. We think that this process will contribute positively to this. It is anticipated to be a problem, however, the increase in human-oriented or tourism-oriented pollution will lead the process to an unpredictable point. At least for the next season, we know that serious measures should be taken, the current information should be obtained from meteorology stations and the precipitation regime should be clarified in the upcoming period, the precipitation is below the average compared to the previous years, but how much it is below has not been revealed with a clear study until now. I think this should be determined and how serious a measure should be taken. “

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