Drawing attention to Turkey’s oldest rock valley: Gökbel Valley

Drawing attention to Turkey's oldest rock valley: Gökbel Valley

Gökbel rocks in the valley, on the border area of ​​Turkey’s biggest geopark candidate to be Aydın and Muğla attracts attention with interesting views. The interesting rocks intertwined with the settlements resemble images from science-fiction movies.

The rocks in Gökbel Valley, located in the triangle of Muğla’s Milas and Yatağan and Aydın’s Çine district, bear a great similarity with the rocks in Meteora, Greece. A MYSTIC CITY HANGING ON THE SKY IN GREECE: METEORA
Interesting rocks, the youngest of which is estimated to be 15 million years old and the oldest 1 billion years old, are intertwined with rural settlements.
To date, there is no scientific data about the interesting rocks spread over a wide area between Hacıveliler, Katrancı, Yava, Turgutlar in Yatağan, the Tomb of Milas, the edge of Bafa Lake, Seferler in Aydın’s Çine district and the Akçaova neighborhood. While the climatic conditions were shown as the most important factor in how interesting rocks were formed, the fact that independent rocks weighing tons of them stood in a row for years started to attract the attention of curious citizens to these areas.
The rocks of the Gökbel valley, located on the highway connecting the Çine district of Aydın and the Yatağan district of Muğla, also attract the attention of the citizens on the highway.
Citizens who see interesting and interesting looking rocks do not neglect to take photographs, especially in summer.
The researcher-writer Tarcan Oğuz, known as Yatağan’s volunteer culture and arts ambassador, said that the youngest of the rocks is 15 million years old and the oldest one is 1 billion years old.
Oğuz said, “The region we are in now is the Gökbel Valley Haciveliler region. Turkey’s oldest and the youngest rocks in these rocks. The youngest rocks are 15 million years old. The oldest rocks are also 1 billion years old. They are metaphorical rocks. These are visually rare rocks. The 400-600 million-year-old of these rocks also form mineral and marble deposits. There are 45 marble mines, mines and coal enterprises in this region. There are also feldspar and chrome plants here, ”he said.
Tarcan Oğuz stated that there is a lack of publicity in the region, and in case of promotion, these areas may attract the attention of many local and foreign tourists. Oğuz said, “This region has deficiencies in terms of promotion. This area is within the Yatağan Geopark project area. New promotions started. Foreign and local tourists started to come slowly ”. AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE UNDER GIANT ROCKS

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