Domestic tours, the price of which increased the most in June, the most falling garlic

Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) announced the inflation figures for June 2021. Accordingly, it announced the consumer price index (CPI) data for June 2021.

Accordingly, in June, CPI increased by 1.94 percent compared to the previous month, by 8.45 percent compared to December of the previous year, by 17.53 percent compared to the same month of the previous year and by 14.55 percent on the twelve months’ average .


With the inflation data, the products with the highest increase and decrease in prices in June were determined.

Accordingly, the product with the highest price increase increased by 51.6%. domestic tours of one week or more it happened.

Other products are as follows;

Vacuum cleaner 14.72 percent, make-up materials 14.60 percent, margarine 10.98 percent, payments for sports activities 9.97 percent, baby carriages 9.83 percent, iron 9.68 percent, perfume 9.67 percent, intercity bus fare 9.67 percent, floor and wall covering 9.63 percent, sausage 9.56 percent, hot drink machines 9.18 percent, bed (double) 8.71 percent, salami 8.51 percent, beef 8.30 percent, all kinds of household cleaning tools 8.07 percent, sausage 8.02 percent, youth room set 7.68 percent, single table 7.65 percent, diesel oil 7.20 percent.


With 28.19 percent, the products that are the cheapest garlic came. Other products were as follows:

Eggplant 17.63 percent, tomato 15.32 percent, bell pepper 12.24 percent, zucchini 11.43 percent, green beans 11.35 percent, cucumber 10.82 percent, red pepper 9.68 percent, green pepper 8 percent. .97, strawberries 8.50 percent, curly 8.05 percent, banana 7.20 percent, onion 6.43 percent, mint 5.49 percent, dill 5.08 percent, parsley 4.94 percent, arugula 3 percent, 72, green onions 3.25 percent, eggs 1.86 percent, yogurt 1.64%.”

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