“Do not travel” warning from the USA to its citizens for 80 percent of countries in the world

The US Department of State announced that, due to the new type of corona virus (Covid-19) outbreak, they will issue a Level 4 travel warning, which means “do not travel” for 80 percent of countries in the world.

In the written statement made by the Ministry, emphasizing that the Covid-19 epidemic poses “unprecedented risks” to travelers, “In the light of these risks, the Department of State strongly recommends US citizens to review their overseas travel”.

“As a result of these updates, many countries, corresponding to 80 percent of the countries in the world, will be given a Level 4: Do Not Travel warning,” the statement said, pointing out that the US Department of State will update its travel warnings to countries starting this week.

Currently, 34 countries, including Chad, Kosovo, Kenya, Brazil, Argentina and Haiti, are among the countries that the USA has given a Level 4 travel warning.

In addition, the USA banned the entry of non-American citizens from the Schengen countries, Britain, China, Brazil, Iran and South Africa.

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