‘Diyadin Hot Springs’ became a haunt for those seeking healing

It is one of the most preferred tourism areas in the region with its healing water located in Diyadin district of Ağrı and believed to be good for diseases.

While the spa facilities established with geothermal resources in the region where the hot spring waters come out, become a place frequented by citizens seeking healing for their illnesses, they are also a resting point for tourists visiting the historical sites in the region.

Mahmut Özden, the owner of the spa facility, said that many visitors from neighboring provinces and abroad came to the hot springs, stating that years ago, the local people used the hot springs for bathing, and said, “Years ago, the local people used this place only for bathing. We brought this water to tourism with its healing. It is very good for diseases. It is very good for rheumatism, low back pain, vascular occlusion and surgery scars. We made investments to make use of this place and bring it to tourism. We currently have pools with rooms that we have built. These are the type of villas. The bottom of the pool is in the form of a circle. We will provide better service as the weather gets warmer. Citizens come from Van, Ağrı, even at minus 30 degrees. Even tourists are coming. Last week, I hosted a group of tourists here at minus 30 degrees. They left very satisfied. We were very impressed by the pandemic. The water here is a kind of medicine for corona. There is hot water and hot water diseases are water that kills germs ”.

Sinan Ergül, one of the citizens who said that they can easily come to the hot springs and swim in the water even in freezing temperatures in the region where the winter is very harsh, said, “We come here in cold temperatures of minus 35 degrees and enter the water here. This water is medicated. This is a beautiful place. There is already snow everywhere now. Despite this cold, we come and go into the water here. This place is very clean and healing. It is a source of healing water for rheumatism, skin diseases, and those who undergo surgery ”.

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