Discovery diving around Rabbit Island, which has been declared a protected area

Istanbul University Faculty of Science, Department of Hydrobiology and Marine Biologist Cem Dalyan also made evaluations about the habitat of the region.

Dalyan said, “Our research shows that this place provides space for very important species. It is a very important area for soft corals. The percolator of our seas and thanks to them, many different living species in our seas provide a living space. In other words, there are sea meadows, a living group whose importance has started to be understood more recently. live band.

In addition, these shores are home to the largest mussel of the Mediterranean, pina. These shores are home to pina, which is known to have disappeared from 80 percent of the population in the Mediterranean last year. With all these things, it becomes clear why it is important for Neoandros or Rabbit Island to have a protection status. We say Istanbul, we say the world capital, and there is a marine protected area at the end of Istanbul, “he said.

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