Details of the intercity travel restriction (Private vehicle travel prohibited?)

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, yesterday partial closure explained its measures. The two-week partial closure will start as of this evening.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs also sent circulars to 81 provincial governorships on the issue. In the Circular intercity “The intercity travels of those who do not have a mandatory condition will only be possible by public transport during the periods of curfew.”


However, a question mark remained in the minds about intercity travel. Citizens are wondering if they can travel between cities with private vehicles.

Those who want to travel between cities with their own vehicles will be able to make these trips from 05.00 in the morning to 19.00 in the evening on weekdays. During these hours, there will be no need for any travel obligation justification.

Intercity travel with a private vehicle will not be made between 19.00 and 05.00, when curfews will be applied, and on weekends. On weekends and weekdays, it is only possible to travel by public transport during restriction hours.


Checkpoints will be established at all entrances and exits of cities in order to increase the effectiveness of the intercity travel restriction on the period and days in which the curfew is applied.

It will definitely be checked whether those traveling by private vehicles are within the scope of exemption and those who do not have a valid excuse / exemption will not be allowed to travel between cities.


Intercity travel can only be made by public transportation (plane, bus, train, ship, etc.) during the period and days in which curfew is applied.

People who do not have any mandatory conditions will also be able to travel with these vehicles whenever they want during the period and days in which the curfew is applied.


However, in cases that can be considered as “compulsory”, traveling with a private vehicle will be allowed during the restriction.

According to the circular, the situations that can be considered as mandatory are as follows:

– Those who want to be discharged from the hospital where they are treated and return to their original residence, who have been referred with a doctor report and / or have a doctor’s appointment / control …

– To attend the funeral of himself or his spouse, deceased first-degree relative or brother or to accompany the funeral transfer (maximum 8 persons) …

– Those who have come to the city they are in in the last 5 days but do not have a place to stay but want to return to their place of residence (those who have arrived within 5 days, the travel ticket, the vehicle license plate they came from, other documents showing their travel, and information).

– Those who will attend the exams announced by ÖSYM and other central exams and their companions …

– Those who want to return to their settlements by completing their military service …

– An invitation letter from private or public to the daily contract …

– Released from penal institutions …

In the presence of these specified situations, they will be able to travel by public transportation vehicles or by private vehicles, provided that they obtain permission from the Travel Permit Boards via the E-Application and ALO 199 systems of the Ministry of Interior, or through direct application to the Governorship / District Governorates.

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