Deciphering the sunken Kibatos Castle discovered in the Sea of ​​Marmara

Dr. Serkan Gündüz emphasized that this castle is of great importance for the European cultural heritage of the Klunis.

Gündüz completed his words as follows:

“Since 2018, the European Federation of Kluni Sites has been working hard to include cultural and natural sites belonging to Kluni to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The cultural heritage of the Kluni sect is concentrated in Western Europe such as England and France. with the Balkans, the Cluny abbey and known in Turkey is the only cultural heritage Kibatos monastery. it is important in terms of creating a cultural bridge between Anatolia and Europe. Once certified as the cultural assets found under water with Things excavations belongs to Civetot monastery Kline of the centers taking place in the culture trail will contribute to regional tourism “

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