Cruise ships banned from entering Venice

The entry of giant cruise ships into Venice, which caused controversy in Italy, was finally resolved. The Italian Council of Ministers approved the decree on Tuesday banning giant cruise ships from entering Venice. Accordingly, cruise ships, which have been the subject of discussion for many years due to accidents, will not be able to enter near the city center of Venice as of August 1. According to the approved decree, ships weighing more than 25 thousand tons and exceeding 180 meters will dock at Maghera in the Venetian Lagoon.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi described the decision as “an important step for the protection of the Venice Lagoon”.


Italian Minister of Culture Dario Franceschini, on the other hand, used the expressions “a historical day expected by the whole world” and announced that the losses of companies that will suffer due to the ban will be compensated.

UNESCO, which has demanded that the Venice Lagoon be closed to giant tourist ships for more than 5 years in Italy, has recently warned of a “black list”.

It has been reported that 157 million Euros will be allocated for the construction of Maghera Port, where the ships will dock temporarily.

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