Crossing the ‘Sırat on Euphrates’ bridge to be built in the Dark Canyon is heartbreaking

Kemaliye District Governor Emre Yeşilbaş said that Dark Canyon is among the few canyons in the world.

Yeşilbaş stated that the region will gain great prestige in tourism with the “Sırat on Euphrates” project and continued his words as follows:

“The project we plan to do here is the ‘Sırat on Euphrates’ project. This means that there will be a Sirat bridge over the Euphrates. Everything for the project is ready. We anticipate that adventure lovers, nature lovers and those interested in extreme sports from different parts of the world will come here and show great interest in the project. “It will provide added value for both Kemaliye and Erzincan. There will be people coming to Kemaliye and Erzincan just because of this. We hope that our project, which will add prestige to the region, will be realized in the near future.”

Yeşilbaş stated that a road will be built in the bridge area for tourists and that the project was approved by the Highways.

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