Construction claim in the world-famous Yassica Islands

world famous in Fethiye, Gocek neighborhood of Turkey’s most important tourism spot Yassica IslandsNGO members were prompted by the allegations that MUÇEV was leased to a private company and that work will be initiated on the islands.

Chamber of Shipping Fethiye Branch President Şaban Arıkan held a press conference on the issue. Speaking to the journalists at the additional service building of the Chamber of Shipping Fethiye Branch Office, Arıkan stated that they are following the increasing construction in the natural bays, especially Göcek, which has been declared in the SEPA region with great concern and said, Tagged put our numbers increasing day by day restaurant, cabins, showers, boat mooring, we put construction due under names such as scaffolding and as it destroyed the naturalness of our seas, marine tourism is such as to bring the end. one of the most laid review of our region, Turkey’s foreign opening promotion “We learned in amazement that the Yassıca Islands, the brand value of boat tourism, which is also included in the photographs, will be leased to third parties by MUÇEV and turned into a business.”


Stating that they said stop the destruction planned in the region, Arıkan said, “While the boats will be fined 70 thousand lira for a liter of waste, the sewage and waste water will be discharged to the sea with the business that is on the agenda to be built in Yassıca Islands, and this will cause great damage to the region, natural life and health. Just as the Topkapı Palace or Pamukkale travertines cannot be built, the Yassıca Islands, one of the most important publicity faces of our country, cannot be built. Even the thought of this is unacceptable. “It also destroys its prestige and tourism potential in the international platform.”

Stating that they will never allow the destruction of our future and cultural wonders of nature, Arıkan said, “The values ​​that we want to be plundered are all of us. Unless all construction in our gulf and coves is prevented, our guests coming to our region find peace and our untouched bays will continue to be destroyed for the sake of rent. We invite the competent authorities to take office in order to stop this construction, which will also eliminate the reason. We call on Yassıca Islands and all the authorities to meet the requirements of the ongoing construction area on all coasts and bays in our region. ”

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