Considered one of the most important rafting routes in the world, ‘Köprüçay’ gives excitement to adrenaline enthusiasts.

Ali Nailsız, President of Beşkonak Karabük Tourism Development Cooperative, said that the interest in the region is increasing day by day.

Noting that they started the season with a rough start, Nailsız said, “I can say that Köprüçay is the only one in Turkey with its non-hazardous course. Our waters are drinkable and clean. Everyone from the age of 6 to 70 can do rafting on this track. We welcome visitors from almost every country in the world. In recent years, especially our Arab visitors have started to increase,” he said.

Nailsız pointed out that rafting is possible in Köprüçay from March to November and invited local and foreign adrenaline-hungry visitors to the region to spend an adventurous day.

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