Climate problems awaiting Turkey: Fairy chimneys may disappear

Climate problems waiting for Turkey: Fairy chimneys may disappear

Experts participating in the TBMM Global Climate Change Research Commission gave striking examples of the climate crisis that Turkey will face. According to the opinions of the experts included in the news of Hürriyet newspaper Bülent Sarıoğlu, natural cultural assets such as fairy chimneys are in danger of being rapidly eroded and destroyed with climate change. Here are the problems awaiting Turkey …

Sea level is expected to rise on our coasts. Climate change is predicted to increase surface mechanical dissolution on tourism. This shows that fairy chimneys or similar natural cultural assets in Cappadocia will be eroded faster and are in danger.
Assoc. Dr. İsmail Dabanlı (Istanbul Technical University): Spring seasons are slowly disappearing in our country and we are entering a two-season period. The winter season is now April-May; summer also stretches towards autumn. The extension of winter and frost time will affect the planting and harvesting seasons. Trees wake up early, then frosts occur. These show that the summer and winter periods will no longer be in the classical three-month periods, but in longer periods that are more intertwined.
We should not give any waste water to the Marmara Sea without 100% treatment, but if we prevent this, mucilage can be prevented. At the moment, more than 90 percent treated water is supplied to the Marmara Sea in the entire basin. When we reach this to 100 percent, these will be less.
Surface water temperatures tend to increase in the Aegean and Mediterranean. Therefore, invasive species such as puffer fish will continue to come into our waters. Caretta Carettas would normally come especially around Iztuzu Beach and lay their eggs. Now they are slowly moving to the north, towards the Izmir side and looking for new places.
Prof. Dr. Fetullah Arık (Konya Technical University): There are more than 700 sinkholes around Konya. Unfortunately, potholes are forming in the villages, in the highlands and on the sides of the highways. We convey our views to High Speed ​​Train and highways. Risky areas are not only in this region; For example, it is also available on the İzmir-Ankara YHT line. There are 13 potholes in the Eskişehir region. You cannot find it when you go, because the citizens turn them off so that the value of the field does not disappear.
Socioeconomically, migration pressure will increase – especially from South Africa, Central Asia and our southern latitudes. However, problems such as disease and food security will come to the fore.
Forest fires are expected to increase with the fall of the ground water level and the drought. Our drinking water will be further polluted due to forest fires.

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