‘City of Prophets’ Şanlıurfa will host its visitors with corona virus measures

'City of Prophets' Şanlıurfa will host its visitors with corona virus measures

Şanlıurfa, the “city of prophets”, one of the important addresses of faith and cultural tourism, will host its guests in Ramadan within the scope of corona virus measures.

Şanlıurfa, the “city of prophets”, one of the important centers of faith tourism, will host citizens in accordance with the measures of corona virus (Covid-19) during Ramadan, the sultan of eleven months. Şanlıurfa, where Prophet Abraham was born and where the prophets of Prophet Eyyüp, Prophet Elyasa and Hazrat Shuayp lived, draws attention with its cultural values ​​as well as world faith tourism.
Especially the Balıklıgöl Campus, known as the place where Prophet Abraham was born and the place where he was thrown into the fire, identified with the city and accepted as the ancestor of three divine religions, are among the most interesting places.
Balıklıgöl, which was visited by many local and foreign tourists before the epidemic, continues to host its visitors in Recep, Shaban and Ramadan, which has a special importance according to the Islamic belief.
In addition to the “Place of Patience”, which is regarded as the place where Prophet Eyyüp suffered, the Grand Mosque, where the Companions performed their Friday prayers, and historical mosques such as Hasan Pasha and Yusuf Pasha are among the most interesting places in the city.
Provincial Mufti Mehmet Taştan said that all preparations for the month of Ramadan have been completed. Stating that the areas of action are limited this year due to the epidemic, but they will still be in an effort to spend the Ramadan beautiful, Taştan said: “All measures have been taken in our 2 thousand 100 mosques in Şanlıurfa. Citizens can worship with peace of mind. I hope our responses will be read in our mosques. In this context, our municipalities made a general cleaning in all our mosques. and bring their own Qur’an from their homes “
Reminding that prayers could not be performed in mosques for about 2.5 months last year, Taştan stated that the mosques will be open 5 times this Ramadan. Taştan stated that they were saddened by the fact that tarawihh could not be performed with congregation in the mosque, and continued: “We would like to make the tarawihs as a community in mosques, but they are also a test. Balıklıgöl Campus, where the visits are intense, is under the coordination of the Governorship. There will be enough inspectors around Balıklıgöl, they will warn people, distribute masks to those who do not have a mask and they will always have disinfectants with them. Necessary measures have been taken in this regard, I hope there is no cause for concern.
Stating that the tradition of response will be carried out both in mosques and through local television and radio broadcasts, Taştan said, “Responses will be read in our mosques and on TVs and radios broadcasting in the city. Şanlıurfa is a city with faith tourism and of course visits from neighboring provinces will continue, but our request from citizens is masks, distance and hygiene. It is to follow the rules, “he said.
Taştan advised to pay particular attention to iftar and sahur time, and asked to be careful by looking at the hours while reading the call to prayer and not to make any mistakes.

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