Cappadocia’s hidden treasure ‘Çat Vadisi’ counts days to welcome tourists

Cappadocia's hidden treasure 'Çat Vadisi' counts days to welcome tourists

In the Çat town of Nevşehir, the Çat Valley, which is in the form of a canyon surrounded by fairy chimneys and natural rock formations, is getting ready to get its share of tourism.

Landscaping works carried out by the municipality intensified in Çat Valley, which will start hosting tour activities after a while. The area, which is about 20 kilometers away from the important tourism centers in Cappadocia, will become one of the places frequented by local and foreign tourists in the region thanks to its historical, cultural and natural wealth.
Çat Mayor İbrahim Ertürk stated that the town, which is within the jurisdiction of the Cappadocia Area Presidency, has not been able to get a share from tourism for years, and that they aim to host visitors from the spring with the projects they have put forward. Emphasizing that Çat Valley is close to other tourism centers visited by local and foreign guests in Cappadocia, there will be no transportation problems, Ertürk said, “Our valley has not been explored so far. In the coming months, a hot air balloon tour will be launched in line with the permission obtained from the General Directorate of Civil Aviation. “There will be a separate road. There will be tours with ATV engines, all-terrain vehicles and horses.”
Expressing that the hot air balloon test flight was successfully carried out, Ertürk noted that they started negotiations with investors who wanted to build accommodation facilities in the town.
Explaining that they aim to implement various projects with the start of hosting tourists, Ertürk said: “Çat Valley is home to three beauties. Historical, cultural and natural beauties are gathered together in this valley. There are more than three thousand rock-carved dovecotes in the valley. In the past.” We claim that it is the most beautiful valley in Cappadocia because of its interesting figured fairy chimneys and covered with greenery. There is a hotel, but after learning that the balloon tours will begin, there were people coming for investment. After our preparations, it will attract the attention of photography enthusiasts, especially because of its view, as well as tourists who will visit for the tour.
İbrahim Gülsaran, one of the residents of the town, said that he believes that the valley bears the traces of life for hundreds of years, so it will become the center of attention for tourists. Expressing that the mobility that will be experienced in the town thanks to tourism will also be reflected in employment, Gülsaran said, “We are excited that the region will open to tourism. We used to be viticulture but it is not so popular anymore. This place is more suitable for being a tourism region. We believe it will be better in the following years. It is a nice place to be seen. “
Tahsin Topal stated that the valley has a unique appearance, that they have been waiting for tourism for many years and finally reached a happy ending.

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