Bottomless Lake from the Ice Age became a ‘mud lake’

Located in Taşköprü Plateau, 50 kilometers from the city center, at an altitude of 2,140 meters above sea level, Bottomless Lake’In addition, two people applied for the excavation after the ‘treasure’ rumor.

Upon the positive comments of Trabzon Regional Board of Cultural Heritage Conservation and Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, a treasure search license was granted to the relevant persons by the Gümüşhane Museum Directorate.

In the region, on 6 November 2019, the lake area, whose water was drained during the excavation accompanied by the gendarmerie officials, was excavated with construction equipment. Gendarmerie teams did not allow anyone to approach the excavation site. In Dipsiz Lake, which has no springs and no mites, the excavations, which continued for 4 days, were terminated when no treasure was found.

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