‘Bird mansions’ of Gesi Vineyards

'Bird mansions' of Gesi Vineyards

Some of the around 250 pigeon lofts in Kayseri’s Gesi region, which is the subject of folk songs and famous for its vineyards, will be restored by Melikgazi Municipality.

In the Gesi region, once famous for its vineyards, there are many “bird kiosks”, which are said to have been built in the 19th century to make use of pigeon manure in the vineyards and gardens.
Bird mansions, each of which is deemed to the citizens of the region with its at least 3 square meters of land, are in need of maintenance and repair as they are not used as actively as before.
Melikgazi Mayor Mustafa Palancıoğlu said that there are approximately 250 “bird kiosks” in the region, and they aim to restore 146 of them to tourism.
Stating that the restoration project they prepared in this context was passed by the Ministry of Culture Monuments Board, Palancıoğlu stated that they will restore around 20 pigeon houses, which are called bird mansions, this year, and that they will continue the renovation process based on these experiences in the following years.
Stating that they are planning to start the restoration in June, Palancıoğlu said: “There are also areas inside the stone structure visible from the outside where pigeons will lay their eggs and leave their manure. Pigeons are protected from predators thanks to these structures. Pigeons are also removing harmful insects from the soil.

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