Beware when planning a vacation: They are scamming reservations through fake sites

With the gradual normalization in the Corona virus epidemic, citizens started to make holiday plans. But experts warn citizens against fake holiday sites that use real company logos. Saying that fake sites are trying to attract the attention of citizens with campaigns of up to 70%, cyber security expert Osman Demircan said, “Fake sites are prepared using the logos of real companies and attract the attention of citizens with high percentage discount campaigns. If necessary, it is necessary to confirm the accuracy of the campaigns by calling the companies by phone. Fake messages using big hotel names and logos can deceive citizens who plan to go on vacation with social media ads, internet ads and emails.

Be careful with the links you enter, the extensions of incoming mails, and the numbers you receive from messages. Whether the agencies really work with those hotels should be verified by contacting the hotel. The accuracy of the campaign must be confirmed by searching the hotels within the campaigns. In addition, as much as possible, institutions or agencies should be contacted via mobile applications. Security software should be preferred against phishing and phishing attacks.

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