‘Başkale Travertines’, which draws attention with its resemblance to Pamukkale, await visitors

'Başkale Travertines', which draws attention with its resemblance to Pamukkale, await visitors

The natural wonder Başkale Travertines, located in Başkale district of Van and known as the second of Pamukkale in Denizli, were deprived of visitors due to the pandemic.

Like many historical and natural beauties, Pamukkale of Van remained away from its visitors due to the pandemic. Başkale Travertines, located in Dereiçi Neighborhood, 35 kilometers from Başkale, draws attention with its resemblance to the natural formations in Pamukkale district of Denizli.
Başkale Travertines, which were declared as a sensitive area to be protected by the Decree of the President, were left unattended for years due to security reasons. With the provision of security in recent years, the travertines, which have been visited by thousands of local and foreign tourists, have also been affected by the pandemic process.
With the warming of the weather, tourists who want to see the travertines and take pictures here have not been able to come because of the pandemic for more than a year. Citizens living in Başkale expect Başkale travertines, which are no different from Pamukkale with their natural beauty, to receive the necessary attention, especially from local and foreign tourists, after the pandemic process.
Müjdat Karaaslan, who lives in Başkale district, stated that everyone should see this natural beauty and said, “Today we are in Başkale district of Van. We are in Başkale travertines. We came with friends. In view of the unique natural beauty. We welcome everyone here. We want them to see these unique beauties.”
Halit Aşan, who came to see the travertines with his friends, stated that Başkale travertines are the second Pamukkale of Turkey and said, “This is the second Pamukkale of Turkey. One is in Denizli and the other is in Başkale district of Van. It is good for athlete’s foot, itching and eczema. Because of the pandemic, there are not many people coming to visit here. In the previous years, thousands of people were coming here. “This is one of the most beautiful places in the east. People from all over Turkey can come easily. Our state has started the necessary work. I hope the road will be built and it will become a better place.”

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