‘Atatürk silhouette’ started to be seen in Ardahan

'Atatürk silhouette' started to be seen in Ardahan

In the Damal district of Ardahan, the silhouette of the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, described as a ‘natural miracle’, began to be seen on the ridges of Karadağ. Those who watched Atatürk’s silhouette said that they came to see the ‘natural miracle’.

In the Damal district of Ardahan, the silhouette of Atatürk, formed by the shadow of the hill next to the skirts of Karadağlar, began to be seen.
The silhouette of Atatürk, which emerges every year from June 15 to July 15 at 17.55-18.10, can be viewed from Ata Mahallesi. With the sunny weather yesterday, the silhouette of Atatürk appeared on the ridges of Montenegro.
Visitors who flocked to the region to see the silhouette of Atatürk, described as a ‘natural miracle’ on the Montenegrin ridges, took lots of photos.
A group of specialist doctors and health workers at Ardahan State Hospital also came to Ata Mahallesi to watch Atatürk’s silhouette. Doctors who took a souvenir photo said they were very happy. Families also expressed that they came with their children to see the Atatürk silhouette.
Ardahan Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK) teams saluted the silhouette of Atatürk reflected on the Montenegrin slopes, and unfurled the Turkish flag with the citizens visiting the region.
Young people living in Ata Neighborhood stated that they watch Atatürk’s silhouette every day and invited the citizens to the district. Stating that many local and foreign tourists visit the district to see the Atatürk silhouette, the young people noted that this natural miracle is a donation for the district.
The silhouette of Atatürk was first noticed in 1954 by Adıgüzel Kırmızıgül, who was a shepherd in the village of Yukarı Gündeş. Photos of the silhouette, taken by journalist Erdoğan Kumru in 1975, were sent to the General Staff. ‘Damal Festivals in the Footsteps and Shadows of Atatürk’ have been held every year in July in Damal district since 1995.

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