Antalya’s historical ‘button houses’ take visitors to the past

Antalya's historical 'button houses' take visitors to the past

The structures called ‘button houses’ with a history of 300 years in Akseki and İbradı districts of Antalya continue to be the attraction center of tourists with their architectural features and historical texture.

In Akseki and İbradı districts of Antalya, buildings called “button houses” due to their architectural style continue to attract tourists to the region. Button houses with a history of 300 years in the districts, which are about 150 kilometers away from Antalya, impress those who see it like the first day.
The historical buildings called “button house” because the wooden parts left out to be used as a pier during its construction are likened to buttons, are among the frequent destinations of tourists and photography enthusiasts. Curious homes attract more and more tourists to the region every year.
Ibradı District Governor Hasan Ali Kurt said that the tradition of building buttoned houses continues in the district for centuries. Stating that tourism has also gained momentum with the acceleration of restoration works in recent years, Kurt said, “In button houses, boarding-house management has started to increase. Thousands of people come to the district every year to see button houses. These houses constitute the most important tourism activity after Altınbeşik Cave in the district. Day trips with controlled normalization. “Before the epidemic, we reached the capacity to host 100 thousand tourists annually. Those who want a holiday in isolation and with nature prefer our district.”
Lütfullah Yamansoy, head of the Ürünlü Mahallesi in İbradı district, where button houses are densely populated, stated that they are trying not to spoil the structure of these houses.
Emphasizing that their villages are about 500 years old, Yamansoy said, “Most of the button houses have been restored. There is a return from the cities to the village. The lights started to come on in the houses that have not been inhabited for years. When the houses are well-maintained, the number of visitors increased. We are “used expressions.
Ali Rıza Bozkurt, a resident of the neighborhood, stated that he was born and raised in a buttoned house. Stating that he returned to his village with the start of the epidemic, Bozkurt said, “Living in these houses is like smelling history. It makes people happy.”
Hayriye İçen, 73, who lives in Ürünlü Mahallesi, noted that the house was built by her father. Explaining that they grew up with 8 siblings in the same house with love, İçen said, “The married went abroad. We returned to our village after working and retired. We restored the house. In our retirement, we got our buttoned house again. I am very happy.”

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