Almost a green oasis in the middle of the steppe: He resisted those who said ‘it does not grow here’

Almost a green oasis in the middle of the steppe: He resisted those who said 'it does not grow here'

Abdulkadir Ardin from Ağrı turned his barren land on the skirts of Mount Ararat into an oasis with the fruit trees he planted.

Ardin, who wanted to establish an orchard on the skirts of Mount Ararat at an altitude of 5,137 meters in Örtülü Village of Doğubayazıt district of Ağrı, bought 33 decares of barren land here in 2015.
Ardin, who found water by drilling in the region, then closed his land by building a stone wall in the region where sandstorm and wind were intense.
Ardin, who planted fruit trees on the land after establishing the irrigation system, transformed the barren land of 6 years ago into an oasis.
Abdulkadir Ardin, in his statement, said that he has always had an admiration for nature since his childhood and realized his dream of a garden full of trees.
Expressing that he loves Mount Ararat very much, Ardin said, “I sold my 4 cranes to establish this garden. I invested all of my 30-year earnings in this garden. I am very pleased. I have planted 4,500 trees of 11 varieties here. Apple, quince, apricot, pear, almond, We grow fruits such as cherries, sour cherries, peaches and plums,” he said.
Ardin stated that when he decided to establish the garden for the first time, the people around him made fun of him by saying that “fruit does not grow here” and that despite this, he was happy to realize his dream.
Stating that he gave the fruits to the visitors free of charge, Ardin said, “We have never made any sales or received any money from anyone. We built a special Esma-ül Hüsna garden consisting of 99 fruit trees at the entrance of the garden. We left trees of all kinds of fruit in this garden. We care and water them, but we do fruit trees inside. “We don’t eat. Especially tourists come to visit the garden after climbing Mount Ararat,” he said.
Ardin thanked Governor Osman Varol for his support and added that he spent time in nature in peace.

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