Alaçatı, the address of surfing, also attracts attention with its stone houses

Architect Mithat Olcay, on the other hand, stated that most of the houses in Alaçatı were built between the years 1850-1900 and said:

“Volcanic stone from the region was used in the houses. About 1,500 houses have been repaired so far. We can say that Alaçatı houses are the stone versions of Safranbolu houses. In the past, these houses were used as living spaces. The ground floor of these houses was generally used as a barn for animals.

There are also those who store grapes and tobacco, which are the livelihoods of the region. The buildings are at zero position to the street or avenue. The front of the house is zero to the street. Once inside, there is a garden at the back. This garden was used as a field at that time. Upper floors are mostly used as living spaces.

The orientation of the houses is north-south. This has two advantages. One gets less sun in summer. The other is that it takes the imbat wind of summer. When you sit in the summer, the heat in these houses does not overwhelm you. Also, there are wells at the beginning of all the streets.

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