A natural wonder at the foothills of Zigana Mountain: Limni Lake Nature Park

Noting that the view of Limni Lake is beautiful as well as the view terraces and the view from the Zigana Mountain on the way back and forth, Eroğlu said, “Most people set their time here accordingly and complete their travel by going out at the exact sunset time and watching the sunset or the sea of ​​fog along the way. We believe the season will be better than last year if there is a relaxation like last year. Foreign tourist groups also started to arrive. Convoys started to arrive from Bahrain, Iraq and Lebanon. We think that they will increase in the season, if there are any coming even in the current period. We said bismillah, we are waiting for our guests to see this beautiful nature ”.

Eroğlu added that they offer food service in the facilities as a takeaway and that citizens can eat in camellias as a takeaway.

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