a first in Turkey! Woman tourist designed a bus caravan

a first in Turkey!  Woman tourist designed a bus caravan

Tuğba Atila, a tourism company from İzmir, realized her dream that she had been dreaming of for years by turning the passenger bus she bought into a caravan. The bus caravan, which does not resemble the comfort of home in its interior design, draws attention with the Poseidon grafitis on its exterior. A woman for the first time in Turkey, saying that such a project signed Tugba Atila, “motor home” he is preparing to tour in Turkey where the phrase meat caravan.

Tourism artist Tuğba Atila (35), who lives in İzmir, has made her dream of a bus-caravan, which she has been dreaming of for 10 years, into reality. Inspired by the work done abroad, Tuğba Atila got to work by purchasing a bus used for intercity travel last year.
Tugba Atila, who removed the seats and roof luggage in the bus, finished the design of the caravan in approximately 2.5 months after the insulation process.
Using graffiti in the exterior design of the caravan, Atila painted the legend of Poseidon in Greek mythology. A woman for the first time in Turkey, saying that Atila signed a project like this now, “motor home” as the phrase is preparing to tour in Turkey had the caravan.
Saying that he has been dreaming of the project for 10 years, Tuğba Atila said that he took a step forward with the impressions he got from abroad and said, “We bought this bus from Istanbul last year. This bus is a bus used for intercity travel. First of all, we removed their seats and upper trunk. Then, after forming and insulating the floor, we proceeded to its design. We completed it in 2.5 months. I took care of everything myself, I have a lot of effort. I did not get any support from any person other than the furniture maker. We created such a project with the support of my husband. There is a modern and very useful kitchen in the bus. There is a living room and a bedroom. There is a toilet and a bathroom. “I came up with something inspired by the hotel concept as I am a tourism professional myself,” he said.
Tuğba Atila stated that the bus does not require external electrical energy and said, “Since my husband was an electrical engineer, he did all the work related to electricity himself. There is a wind tribune at the back of the bus. There are 7 395 watt solar panels on the ceiling. There are 8 gel batteries and an 8 kilovolt-ampere generator. It has become a vehicle that we can use like a house without being tied to the outside. I put the same system in the house in the vehicle. I can use the oven, dishwasher, washing machine and built-in very easily. “We live in caravans all the time due to the pandemic.”
A woman for the first time in Turkey’s Tugba Atila stated that the project is realized, he said it was a very nice feeling. Atila continued his words as follows:
“I feel very good and I am getting good reactions. While driving, everyone is waving. I have other projects in mind. I want to turn a 2-decker bus into a caravan. I also have a trip plan with this bus. First of all, I will go to Çanakkale. Then I have a trip plan on Istanbul, we will travel this way. In Turkey, I would be the first woman to support women who want to have implemented. I can meet them. I especially support women driving cars and buses “
In the “motor home” project implemented by Tuğba Atila, the caravan includes a living room, bedroom, toilet and bathroom, as well as a refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, oven, microwave oven, 3 televisions and wireless internet. In terms of energy, there are 7 395 watt solar panels, 2000 watt wind turbines, 8 gel batteries and 8 kilovolt-ampere generators. The bus caravan also includes a chrome clean water tank with a capacity of 2 tons, a 1 ton waste water tank and a 500 liter toilet tank.
In addition, there is 1 motorcycle at the back of the bus and 2 bicycles at the front.

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