45-year-old turns a bus into a caravan to follow his dreams

Alkan said that he lives in Izmir and has owned a coffee shop for 5 years.

Stating that he was dreaming of a large caravan with a separate kitchen, living room and bedroom, Alkan continued his words as follows:

“I like old things very much. So I bought a beautiful, soulful bus. Now we are in Bursa. We met nice people and shopkeepers here. We took the bus, we robbed the outside completely. We noticed that the inside profiles are very rotten and the outer hair is rotten. How big is it. I actually realized that I started a business later. I bought this bus with my last money. It started a bit of a difficult process, but I had luck, I met nice people. The tradesmen of this place are very nice people. We cut the broken parts of the interior profiles. We painted the bus completely. In Samsun, there was a big decay because of moisture and being near the sea, but now it is a really zero vehicle. Everything else was rotten except the chassis and roof sheet.

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