4 corners of paradise in Kastamonu: Horma Canyon, Ilıca Waterfall, Valla Canyon and Ilgarini Cave

Pınarbaşı Mayor Şenol Yaşar said that the attractiveness of the region has increased with the recent investments made by the DKMP.

Emphasizing that Pınarbaşı is a place that has made a name for itself in nature tourism, Yaşar said, “Pınarbaşı is a district loved by everyone in the Western Black Sea region in terms of nature tourism. The fourth largest cave in the world is here. On the same route are the Mushroom Cave and the Dragon Well Cave. The second deepest canyon in the world. “Here in Turkey. Horma Canyon, which is a natural aquarium with a 3-kilometer hiking path, is in Pınarbaşı. The waterfall, which we call the hidden paradise where the Zarı Stream flows, is here,” he said.

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