3 places to see in Düzce, the ‘city of waterfalls and lakes’

3 places to see in Düzce, the 'city of waterfalls and lakes'

Aydınpınar, which is located in the higher parts of the city, and Güzeldere Waterfall, which flows from a height of 130 meters, and Efteni Bird Sanctuary, which is home to 150 kinds of birds, attract the attention of nature lovers every season with its visual beauty.

Known for its ease of access to metropolitan cities such as Istanbul and Ankara, Düzce, the “city of waterfalls and lakes”, has become a frequent destination for nature lovers with the start of the normalization process. The untouched Aydınpınar, Güzeldere waterfalls and Efteni Bird Sanctuary in the forest in the high parts of the city welcomes its guests every day of the week. The regions where waterfalls and lakes are accompanied by the sound of water with beech and hornbeam trees offer insatiable views with a riot of colors.
Located on the Bıçkı Stream in the Gölyaka district of Düzce, Güzeldere Waterfall creates a magnificent view by integrating the natural enthusiasm of the water falling from a height of 120 meters with giant beech and hornbeam trees.
Güzeldere Waterfall can be visited with three separate pathways and stairs system. The waterfall, especially in spring and autumn, resembles a painting with its tones that turn into a riot of colors. The waterfall is also one of the important recreation centers of the region with its natural landscape vegetation, picnic areas, landscaped forest resting places and hiking trails.
Efteni Bird Sanctuary in Düzce, which is one of the areas where migratory birds stay, is home to approximately 150 species of birds. Stork, mallard, tufted white heron, angut, clumsy meke, swan, clumsy, mallard, fishtail, spinner, pintail, spoonbill, applehead, pashead, gray heron, crane, bustard, mezgeldek, woodcock, blackbird, lapwing, cormorant The region, where birds such as birds stay, attracts bird watchers and nature lovers.
There is a viewing terrace for watching bird species in the vicinity. Efteni Lake, which is a stopover lake on the migration routes of birds, hides the birds with lotus flowers and reeds outside the water level, creating a composition for photography and bird watching.
Aydınpınar Waterfall, located within the borders of Düzce central Aydınpınar village, is 10 kilometers from the city center. Located between Güzeldere and Samandere Waterfalls and on the road route, the waterfall consists of 5 separate clusters of waterfalls pouring one after the other.
Aydınpınar Waterfall, which has one of the important hiking trails of Düzce, has walking trails of medium difficulty and exceeding medium difficulty that everyone can easily walk. Trekking, photo-safari, tent camping etc. in the waterfall area, which is among mixed-leaved forest trees such as hornbeam, oak and chestnut. activities are possible.
Gölyaka Mayor Yakup Demircan stated that Düzce, and especially Gölyaka, is known as the “city of waterfalls and lakes”, adding that waterfalls are the most visited points of the region.
Emphasizing that citizens are longing for nature due to Covid-19, Demircan said, “Unfortunately, our country and the world have been experiencing a corona virus pandemic for almost 1.5 years. We cleaned Turkey’s longest waterfall, Güzeldere Waterfall, and left it at the service of our guests in a beautiful way.”
Demircan stated that they expect 10 thousand people to come to the waterfall on Saturday and Sunday. Underlining that the region is in demand between big cities such as Istanbul and Ankara and because it is easy to reach, Demircan said: “Because we are a city between Istanbul and Ankara, 30 million people can reach our waterfall in 2.5 hours. Our citizens can come to our Efteni Bird Sanctuary and visit them. “They can see and see our natural beauties. We want our citizens to keep our natural beauties clean. With the lifting of the bans, 15 thousand people come to the region on weekends. This number reaches much higher numbers with weekdays.”

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