21-stepped rock in Kütahya surprises those who see it

Stating that he lives in the town center of Emet and makes nature trips whenever he has the opportunity, İsmail Elmacı said, “I found a rock with a height of 11 meters and a diameter of 7 meters in Karataş, which is within the borders of Yeniceköy in our district. What is interesting is that steps were made to climb on this rock and it is historical.”

Noting that the region is far from the district center and villages, Elmacı continued his words as follows:

“There are many rocks around. However, my biggest wish is to research this rock, which is in the middle and on which steps were obviously made by hand work, and to bring it to the region’s tourism. I hope this state of the rock will remain intact and be brought under protection and brought into tourism.”

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