114-year tradition: The ‘colorful’ migration journey has begun

114-year tradition: The 'colorful' migration journey has begun

In the Hendek district of Sakarya, the journey to the plateaus, which passed in a festive atmosphere, began to meet the pasture needs of the livestock of the breeders with the warming of the weather. The journey of about 10 kilometers revealed colorful images.

Villagers in Dikmen District in Sakarya’s Hendek district have completed their migration preparations. The women prepared their local clothes days in advance, the men washed and dyed the sheep and goats, and decorated the cows with knitted ribbons.
Crossing the difficult roads with their animals decorated like brides, the villagers set out for Dikmen Plateau, which is about 10 kilometers away, at an altitude of 1725 meters.
The migration journey, which was followed with interest by the citizens from the surrounding provinces, was the scene of colorful images.
While the bells and bells of the animals break the silence of the plateau, the villagers cross the difficult road on foot with hundreds of animals and carry their belongings with tractors.
The breeders will stay on the plateau they reach with their animals until October.
Mukhtar Menderes Ayvaz said that they made their 114th highland migration this year to maintain their traditions. Stating that the migration journey starts with the warming of the weather every year, Ayvaz said, “This is a tradition inherited from grandfathers and ancestors for years. However, this year has been a bit dull due to the pandemic. It was still beautiful. We have been continuing this tradition for 114 years, I hope we will continue,” he said.
Stating that the villagers go to the plateau on foot together with their animals, Ayvaz stated that they will try to maintain this beautiful heritage inherited from their ancestors. Stating that 70 percent of the people of Dikmen District stay on the plateau during the summer, Ayvaz said, “They graze their animals here during the summer. Animals are looked after more comfortably here. “Milk, yogurt, cheese are made. We are here until the tenth month,” he said.

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